Boundless Program

This program is designed for teams willing to do whatever it takes to be better.
Boundless is the development of your team’s mental strength. We do this by breaking you down physically and pushing you past what you think you are capable of.
This program is modeled after the Royal Australian infantry’s employment and jungle training and runs for 12 hours.

This is not a 3 hour obstacle course race, you will be physically training in some capacity for at least 9 of the 12 hours. All team members must meet the physical fitness requirements before they qualify to Participate.


Our mission is to take every individual under our command and turn them into coachable, hungry, confident and positive team members.


We meet with your team’s coach individually to discuss the outline of the program in detail.
If your team is up for the challenge and passes the physical fitness requirements then you will be assigned a platoon number and date. Along with this we also require pant and shirt sizes from every participant.

In the event your team does not meet the physical fitness requirements, you will be provided with an 8 week training program to get you up to standard.


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